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Bookish Puzzles for a Weekend at Home
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Can you think of anything better than a weekend at home doing puzzles? Nope, neither can we… except maybe being locked in a bookstore. While we’re waiting for that to happen though, check out our list of bookish puzzle recommendations below!


1. This Bizarre Bookshop puzzle takes us back to those I Spy books.

Bizarre Bookshop Puzzle



2. This I’d Rather Be Reading puzzle is sure to satisfy your inner OCD.

I'd Rather Be Reading Puzzle



3. Gather your bookish friends for this one! This book club puzzle is perfect for those looking for a challenge!

Book Club Puzzle



4. Take a one-way trip to Hogwarts with this beautiful Harry Potter puzzle!

Harry Potter Puzzle



5. This pencil collection puzzle is for the writers out there!

Pencil Collection Puzzle


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